72er Giulia GT – Scheidung

Scheidung – das ist etwas was nicht nur zwischen Personen passieren kann. Auch wenn man einen Motor aus dem Auto hebt gilt das als Scheidung.
Und dies passiert nun mal in diesem Post.

Below is a picture of one out of two engine mounts who connect it to the bodywork.
The rubber has cracks and will be finally replaced.

The engine bracket is totally full with dirt, but what iam able to see is promising. It seems like all the oily dirt has conserved this area over the years.
Oh yes, i forgot to say – before i removed the first engine mount, i lifted the engine a bit and it is slightly hanging now on a cable. By doing that the engine or the gearing system can not bent.

As it is my first dismantling of such a big thing, you make automatically mistakes. no doubts. I ave opened the Steering stuff and was thinking this is mandatory to remove at th end

I also cutted a metal string from the steering system. It was bent and i decided that it needs to be replaced anyway.

Beyond the car, i was removing some screws who mounted the gear-box to it. but also put the carjack beyond to keep it in the same height.

that was also requiring an removal of the cardan shaft.

The other Engine mount – which looks totally different – is also removed.
and now i started to lift the engine.

The gearbox was causing an issue. The small stick left on the gear shaft has dented the bodywork. And it took me a while to figure that out, i tried to lift the engine more and finally i lifted the whole body, too. after i found it, i moved the engine down, removed the area where it is connecting and lift again. And again the bodywork got dented. so i moved it down again, took some duck-tape and heavily used it on the small stick to avoid that the metal can dent the body again. it finally worked but i do realized that a engine-lift might be the general better solution for future engine removals. Also for bringing it back into the car, it will be important, I believe.


As I do have written in the past, Light is important on such a work. as i do have in this Garage only one power supply, i decided to have battery driven LED solution who can be connected to a power supply too. at the end i purchased three plus a main light in my garage. All together are still not good enough to fill the garage with enough light. But at least it is a workable condition.

And now the engine is divorced inclusive the gearbox.

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