When is the flood coming… ?

Taiwan has the Typhoon, the USA the Tornado, Africa has Dryness and in Europe is the water more and more coming. This Topic is made by Humans. Tornados are caused by extreme deforestation or low leveling of the bottom. Diese Thematik ist ja z
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You never know what kind of stuff needs to be written on the front page.

But let’s do it short and easy, multiple categories, blah – blah.

cars – specific Alfa Romeo and some Scooters, inclusive running restorations, and more.

Nerd-Stuff – Sci-Fi for collectibles over model kits til “extensions” I do create by myself.

2021-07-09 – In the future, I will also add a widget for updates until I have somehow finalized the structure of the categories.

I do use for sure Affiliate Links for  Amazon and other pages. you can use those links and I would earn some cents, and you even do not need even to pay more.

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