“KAAAAAAAAHHHHHNNNNN!!!”, a lot of us remember this single word screamed by Jim Kirk in Star Trek 2.

This Movie back in 1982 is seriously the starting point of this Book Journey. You may remember that there was a such called “Genesis Wave”. Something which is brilliantly designed for rapid Terra Forming and could Bring Planets not designed for human life into the Garden Eden. You may also remember how it ends in Star Trek 3 – The Search for Spock? did you think that’s the end? I thought too! But it isn’t,t. it is just the beginning…

This Story is starting after Star Trek 9 – Insurrection.

First Scene is telling us that Dr. Carol Marcus is still alive, she is at a similar age to Bones at the start of the next Generation Series and Dr. Carol Marcus is around 135 years old.
The Federation decided that her knowledge is so heavily powerful that she has to be constantly secured with her own security team. She is living on a Pacific-like planet. Nevertheless, she is getting Kidnapped by her Son?!!!

Yepp – you are right her son is dead but he kidnapped her.

Next scene, Dr. Leah Brahms is with his husband on a planet and they work on a prototype EVA-Suit. She was just within the Suit as the full planet got a Genozid caused by the Genesis Wave. Based on the radiation protection she was the only survivor and saw is husband dying.
Dr. Brahms was beaming to a shuttle, hosted by her Telarite colleague and they started with warp drive to the next planet to save the people. arriving, no Telarite (the planet is full with them) is believing her. Except for one Klingon. Consul Maltz. Maltz was the second officer from Kruge and is living in shame as Jim Kirk was taking over the Bird of Prey (ST3). Maltz joined her later after she rescued him from a non-warp-shuttle before the wave could hit it. and Maltz decided that Leah is her new Captain.

Geordie LaForge
tried to send her a message. “unable to deliver” is somehow the feedback the computer was giving to him. and the real journey started.

To make it short, I do not want to Spoiler but Admiral Nachayev is joining the party, too. Romulans are around a mysterious species. Planets need to be evacuated and rescued.

I do read the hardcover version of the book and I am able to say. I like it, love it, it was insanely good.
244 pages i read within one week. and it is only the start of a small series…

It is one of the Must read books within the Star Trek Book Series.
it is a shame that the book has not been published in german but even in English, you can read it fast without any problem as long as you’re a bit experienced with the English language.

please check out more books.

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