Taiwan has the Typhoon, the USA the Tornado, Africa has Dryness and in Europe is the water more and more coming. This Topic is made by Humans. Tornados are caused by extreme deforestation or low leveling of the bottom. Diese Thematik ist ja zumeist Mensch gemacht. Tornado durch extreme Abholzung und befriedigung des Bodens, almost all are responsible for the increasing heat. In regards to the extreme water, which is coming in central-Europe that’s caused by straightening of the Rivers and removal of areas where the water can flood. Well, that’s also part of my new Project “The Travel” which is taking this topic as the root cause.


And this time… my Alfa is in the middle. I have to admit, he is leveled up to around 60 cm. sadly to say that he is not stored on a cage that can be rolled around, otherwise I would have tried to organize a second Garage but at least he is 60cm jacked up.

Around 15:30 – Thursday 15th of July 2021 Gegen 15:30 – Donnerstag 15. Juli.2021 it was looking in the sunny Piesport like on the following Pictures. the Foto to the left is showing the water level on the road. At this time there are at least 10 m til my garage.

In Trier are the first Announcements made about a decreasing water level, for that reason I do want to believe that the same will happen here.

Around 17:00, as we do still register new messages about an increasing water level in our area, the picture is more displaying something increasing.

As the water is already visible on the door, and I do realize that it makes no sense to make the garage water-proof, I do start to lift everything up from the bottom area or store it within my 156 Sporty-Alfa.

1.5h later, is the Nord-Engine, the tool-Wagon plus other stuff who need simply survive, on the bottom… I have to admit my GT is now packed like a donkey and everything that needs to be leveled is now stored on him, or within Sporty.

We do have blocked the road to ensure that nothing happens tonight and nobody is driving through the increasing water.

We do need to wait now, as i said, 60cm time is still available.

My OldTimer Racing-Bike also gets secured. Many thanks to Family Eckstein, which is not only producing a spectacular wine and was securing my Racing bike today : )


I know! I do moan on high Niveau and it JUST a Car – which I’m even not final – but I want to take this opportunity to ensure that everyone gets aware that there are people who are really in trouble. If you have the possibility to help, please do so!

FLOOD – The Next Day…

In general the story continued on the same evening. Eigentlich ging es am selbigen Abend noch weiter. 21:00 Manual Water level control. Even living on the other side
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