The Title is underligned wth “the first travel of the Starship Enterprise-1701-E. But this is somehow close to the middle of th book.

Everything is starting with the U.S.S. Bozeman. Some of you are questioning Bozeman??? Isn’t it the ship who was close to ram the Enterprise-D and is also mentioned in First Contact?

YEPP! Captain Bateson and his crew engage THE ADVENTURE before the U.S.S.Bozeman was driven through the Time-Drift and meet our TNG Showhero. Also the seconds after the TNG-episode are delivered to us and the story got a Catchup years later.

to Avoid disturbing your reading pleasure i will limit my summary for something you can guess from the book cover. The book continues after the Generations-Movie and Captain Bateson takes over the command of the fresh new Enterprise-E. He is the first captain of THIS Enterprise. Picard is taking a mission into the cardassian Empire. Old Klingon Enemies are aproaching Bateson.

all together is that a good book you could read. If you want to buy it, you’ll find it here.

From my point of view i tht 4 of 5 stars and is deliveryring everything you expect.

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