The DS9-Runabout is a kit where Revell was wasting something. Cool design, many possibilities BUT have not used those possibilities.

What is missing? I believe the subject line is saying it already! the inside! The Thing has windows to look into it and not to paint them black. That means – GoGoGo to build the interiour.

To be honest i do build the inside already the second time. My WIP-File on my PC was going corrupt and is not openable anymore. As my Freecad has History-follow up possibilitis, it was not necessary to save multiple files and i can continue within the same file. Lets start again. The Good thing is that i do have many parts printed availbale in different colors and still printed and i can start to rebuild my own design.
As example – the backside-compartement door – required originally 12 hours to build it inclusive exact measurement of the Revell-Kit plus multiple outputs. for the new version it was just 1.5h and i do build multiple walls together. I was also learning to build multiple walls merged together to make the printout more table.


  • Front-area – complete interiour
  • modular engineering to build the possibility of the TNG/DS9 version
  • Transporter-area – repositioning possible
  • middle area – modular build
    • Storage area
    • Multiple rooms
    • Science area
    • Possibility to have left or right side individuell designed
  • some walls should be open or closed
  • fully detailed room backside
  • door to the backside – servo controlled possibility
  • Doors runabout should be possible to be opened left/right together (Servocontrolled)
  • enabling the model to add LEDs on all positions
  • re-produceable 3d-print

complete listing of the build

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