at a time where the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) was still commanded by Captain Christopher Pike, there was an other Starship, a prototype of the new Crossfield Class. (yes Starships are always female) can be somehow interpreted for the special experimental engine. U.S.S. Discovery with an new old design is exploring strange new worlds and time in the Pike-Kirk era and ninehundred something years in the future.

Well – the issue is that there is no ship at the moment from Polar light/ round two available. Neverthless the third season is starting in less than 3 weeks and i decided i wanna build her.

The Parcel arrived and i opened the carton. The size seems to be pretty small.

i opened the box and there was no exciting moment for me… It is a small ship. really small, I was expecting that some more stuff is required to do build her. But no! it isn’t simplified and the hull structure is made with decals.

For comparison reasons i have added this Edding/ Whiteboard/ Permanent Marker. You see that this ship is small and that is so boring. I finally decided not to build it and think about possibilities for rescaling.

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