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Action Toys

Action toys exist for decades. who does not know them? He-Man? The Turtles, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, and Star Wars, too. Even Jurassic Parc got a notable amount of figurines. Hasbro, Playmates, Kenner, and other Brands are for decades on market. Newcomers joined like Art Asylum who worked originally
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Bust , Figurine & Dolls

Funko-Pops, Figurine for Video Games, Movies, and Comics are always popular. Those Figurines have been heavily increased from a quality and quantitative perspective since the 80s and everyone would find something if he is searching. Below a small collection, i have owned by myself.
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Yes, Graphic Novels are in general a better synonym for “Comics”. Personally, I would differ it to something like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck booklets and even for series like X-Men or Batman. Some of you may see it differently, but I do not care! i will use it a bit vague. 😉 Afterward, I am listi
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Viele Modelle sind im laufe der Zeit durch mich gebaut worden. Nicht alle sind mit Fotos vorhanden. Vor allem Modelle die ich vor mehr als 20 Jahren mein Eigen nannte sind einfach irgendwann in dem Müll gelandet. Hier liste ich im Laufe der Zeit viele auf die ich einmal hatte oder auch habe. Bei meh
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Sometimes, something does not exist in a better condition or went defect or it is just for fun to fix something. That’s my category for such stuff..
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