All right during the working time, the searchscripts of Ebay Kleinanzeigen found a Vespa PX 80 close to me with “make offer” notification.
Contacting the contact was somehow strange. He said “make a offer and i will accept”. so i made a offer. 250 Euro and he said “yes” but i should be fast as others want to visit him as well. so i need to be fast. I decided to have my last video call from the car where iam more a listener and drove to the “greater Koblenz”-Area 60 km away and purchased it. She stands in a bigger hall with a lot of old stuff inside. I spoke with the guy there and he was the owner of the stuff. he told me that he is selling in behalf of owners or is doing household clearance sessions. In this Particular case the original owner died and his childs are doing the clearance sessions. As always a Key is not available nor documents/ paper. As this is a 1983 version it seems okish for me. I put it into my Alfa 156 , paid the money, signed a document for handover and drove back.

wasn’t able to close the trunk and was using a cable to fix it.

Storing it on our balcony for a while was mandatory, as i have not really space in my garage right now. The Alfa GT Project is taking to much space.

In the first review – I decided that the tires (all three) needs to be replaced and the worst cost for refurbishment might be the Screws , ball bearing and Sealings for the engine. Other cost should be under control. even the current finish seems to be good but it desire a full makeover.

Additional entry: i forgot there might be a surprise possibilty. The Cylinder is not fixed and that means someone started to open the engine.